Who Are these People, Anyway?


Owners of Pepper Moon Catering

Bill Schneider

Bill was born into the family restaurant business in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. He handles all operational needs of Pepper Moon, including financial matters. Also an original owner, he designed Pepper Moon’s current commissary to make it more efficient and flexible to fit the ever-changing needs of our clients. He is also a co-owner of Spring Garden Bakery and Coffeehouse.

Bill’s Advice: For large events, it can be very beneficial for you to involve us in the logistical aspects of the planning phase of your event. When it comes to the physical set up of the event: where guests will enter, what equipment should be used, where the trash will be taken, etc. , we can share our 14-plus years of experience with you.

Favorite Pepper Moon Menu Item: Pan-seared Scallops with Garlic Aioli and Hoisen Duck Mushroom Caps

Bill Schneider


Meredith Williams

Meredith is Greensboro born and bred.  She is an original owner of Pepper Moon, created in 1996.   With a Hospitality Management degree from Appalachian State University, she handles large client business, donation and philanthropy clients, and marketing and advertising for Pepper Moon.  She is also a co-owner of Spring Garden Bakery and Coffeehouse.

Meredith’s Advice: Feel free to share your budget with us.  We know “tricks of the trade” to help you get what you want out of your catering budget.  We may not be able to meet every budget, but we think it is part of our job to share our expertise with you to help you make the best decisions to make your event successful.

Favorite Pepper Moon Menu Item: White Chocolate Cheesecake Pops!

Meredith Williams

Pepper Moon Sales and Event Team
In Alphabetical Order


Bethann Flaherty, Wedding Specialist

Bethann was born in Korea but was raised in Pittsburgh. With many years in the event industry she began her employment at Pepper Moon in 2008. Bethann is an expert working with brides and assisting them with their special details.

Bethann’s Advice: We want to ensure your happiness on this very special day (or weekend). Having an idea of the atmosphere, style of food and overall look - and being able to share this with us - is a great way for both of us to start visualizing all of the details that will make your day truly yours.

Favorite Pepper Moon Menu Item: Sauteed Orzo Action Station

Bethann Flaherty

Leslie Stainback, Corporate Sales Manager and Human Resources Manager

A native of Franklin, North Carolina, Leslie has been employed at Pepper Moon since 1998. Bringing many years of the hospitality industry with her, she has assisted in creating many of the philosophies and procedures Pepper Moon currently maintains. She co-coordinates Furniture Market and takes care of long-term clients as well as managing the human resources aspect of Pepper Moon.

Leslie’s Advice: When you are in the planning phase of your event, pick a theme and follow it through all the details of your event. The florist, your menu, the linen colors, choosing china or plastic, etc. all work together to make the overall feel of your event cohesive.

Favorite Pepper Moon Menu Item: Proscuitto Garlic Basil Feta Stuffed Chicken Breast with Chardonnay Cream Sauce

Leslie Stainback

Emily Terranova, Corporate Sales Manager

Emily is a native of Northport, New York. She is very instrumental in working with Pepper Moon’s corporate clientele and Emily has made a significant impact on the Moon team since early 2007.

Emily’s Advice: Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb and try some items that we might recommend. Especially if you are planning a heavy hors d’oeuvres menu, 1-2 “familiar’ food items is fine—but don’t be afraid to try something different—your guests will thank you for doing something other than the “traditional” party fare!

Favorite Pepper Moon Menu Item: Carmelized Onion Palmiers—I’m a puff pastry fiend and these have such an interesting flavor!

Emily Terranova

Pepper Moon’s Culinary Team, Driving Crew and Service Force

While you rarely have conversations with these members of the Pepper Moon Team they are instrumental in the creation of your menu items and often getting your food to you. Pepper Moon could not function without the tenacity and attention-to-detail our drivers and kitchen provide. The Culinary Team is constantly working on new menu items and practicing new ways to present and serve food.

Lynda Smith is our Executive Chef and maintains very high standards from our Culinary Team. She boasts at least a 99.5 health sanitation grade from the Guilford County Health Department each month. Her staff, while maintaining current menus, is continually working to create new menu items for our clients.

Marty Cranford has been our Driving Supervisor for over 10 years and is a valuable asset to our entire team. He oversees our driver force. When you place a delivery order with us his crew brings the food to you, sets up your buffet for service, then returns later to pick up our equipment.

The Supervisors, servers and bartenders that serve your events come from all areas of our community. Many are full-time students, some are retirees, others have full-time jobs, and some consider Pepper Moon their sole employer. All are dedicated to taking care of your needs and the needs of your guests, executing a seamless event and making you look good!

Pepper Moon Culinary team and driving

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